5 Ways CBD Improves Focus

As humans, it has always been relatively easy for the world to distract us. But while cave dwellers might have had a bird in the sky distracting them, we have endless social media feeds, millions of websites to browse through, and complicated lives. Let’s be honest, even if we didn’t have any complications, we would still find something to deter our focus.

While a brief distraction can be healthy, too much of it can wreak havoc on our professional and personal lives. Practicing the art of staying focused is key to getting back on track. You can try meditation or choose to do things more consciously. But when distractions are too powerful, you may try something that helps keep your focus, and this is what CBD does.

science behind CBD

The science behind CBD

Although data on CBD is limited, researchers have hinted at this natural compound’s potential health benefits for chronic and mental health issues. CBD can help with anxiety, depression, infertility, and insomnia. Improving focus is another way it can be of benefit.

While it sounds too good to be true, its various health benefits don’t seem as far-fetched when you understand how CBD works. This natural compound works by signaling to the endocannabinoid’s (ECS) receptors.

The ECS is a neuromodulatory system that manages vital functions such as body temperature, mood, pain, appetite, and more. The primary goal of the ECS is to strive for continual homeostasis — optimal balance — in the body. It does so by having its receptors running through the mind and body to implement change.

Researchers have not yet discovered how CBD affects the receptors, but they have observed that it triggers a change in the body by signaling to them. Besides its work on the ECS, CBD’s power lies in its lack of psychoactive effects.

Unlike marijuana, which causes users to become high because it has a substantial THC percentage, hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3 percent THC. Its lack of THC is one of the reasons many countries worldwide have legalized CBD.

Nowadays, it is easier to purchase oil tinctures for pain relief or CBD Edibles for better sleep and other CBD-infused products such as balms, vape liquids, chocolate, drinks, and more.

Can CBD help improve focus?

Now that you know a little of the science behind CBD, understanding how it can maximize your focus is easier. The following are five significant ways CBD can help you stay away from distractions: 

CBD combats stress

Stress is often a culprit when lack of focus is an issue. It’s easy to waste time stressing over how much work you have to get done rather than focusing on finishing your tasks. The consequences of chronic stress are significant. You can suffer from headaches, irritability, and digestive issues. Stress can lead to a lack of concentration and erratic thoughts, not to mention fatigue and a weakened immune system.

The body goes into overdrive, producing cortisol as it sets itself up for a continual fight-or-flight response. CBD can help lower stress by balancing the body’s cortisol level to avoid this hormone’s overproduction.

CBD eases anxiety

Anxiety can inhibit you from focusing on the present moment and experiencing negative scenarios, most of which don’t even happen. CBD can combat anxiety by triggering the receptors into releasing more serotonin in the body. A natural mood stabilizer, this happy chemical is critical to give us the sense of calm and wellness we need to fend off anxiety symptoms. 

CBD alleviates pain

When pain is a part of your life, it’s challenging to excel professionally or personally. Aches, inflammation, tension are consequences of pain that we want to rid our body of, and with CBD, you can do so more efficiently. This natural compound has anti-inflammatory properties to fight chronic inflammation. Studies have shown how CBD can ease even chronic pain.

CBD improves sleep

When CBD eases stress, anxiety, and pain symptoms, sleep becomes more natural because fewer worries or aches keep you up. While CBD acts as a stimulant in low doses, it can cut down on the time taken to fall asleep in high doses.

For people with Parkinson’s disease, CBD provides better sleep by eliminating symptoms of REM behavior. The latter is when people act out their dreams in their sleep, disrupting nights for them and their partners. 

CBD supports your abstinence

It doesn’t matter whether you are addicted to food, cigarettes, or opioids; when you are trying to beat addiction, cravings can make it hard for you to focus. CBD can help you by curbing your enjoyment of your addiction. In one study, researchers observed how opioid addicts found it easier to beat their addiction when assisted by CBD.

We underrate focus these days, but it is a critical skill that we must continually polish if we want to be aware of what is going on around us. Without focus, we wouldn’t notice the most important things in our lives and be swept continuously by insignificant things.

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