Shopping for E-juice? This is the most important part of your vaping experience, you have a nice device and some freshly freemax mesh coils and now you are ready to conquer the juice part. We know that shopping for the best vape juice is fun, but may be an overwhelming experience as well. With so many flavours on the market it can quickly become confusing and frustrating. We’ve designed a guide below to help you through the process of choosing the right vape juice for you.

What does e-liquid consist of?

All e-liquids consist of the following: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavour, Nicotine (Optional)

E-Juices containing Salt Nicotine are also becoming popular, due to the industry demand for pod devices.

What flavour should I choose?

This is the most common question for smokers that are venturing into the world of vaping. We get hundreds of customers that are new to vaping and need guidance.

Countless amount of smokers that enter our doors, all ask the same thing: “Do you have a Belmont or Marlboro e-liquid?” Our usual answer to this question is no. Reason being that although there are e-liquids that try to replicate the taste of a specific brand of cigarettes, it is not the best as what you are actually tasting when you are lighting up your cigarette is burned paper and dry tobacco with many different additives, which is difficult to replicate without combustion.

What Nicotine percentage should I start with?

Once you picked the flavor you will need to choose nicotine strength. We usually ask the following questions to get a better understanding and provide the best experience.

How much do you smoke?

If you are a pack a day smoker, which is about 20 cigarettes a day. You are considered a heavy smoker. Depending on the device you currently have this question will have a variable answer.

  • You have an All in One type device

We suggest 12mg of regular nicotine (freebase nicotine), or 35mg of Salt Nicotine

You have a high powered sub-ohm device

We recommend to stay between 3mg to 6mg – as cloud nurdz devices produce more heat and vapor which creates a much stronger throat hit effect.

  1. Never use Salt Nicotine in high wattage devices. Salt Nicotine comes in much higher concentrations than freebase nicotine therefore it should not be used in your high-powered setup.

You are a social/casual smoker and you only smoke light cigarettes​

In this scenario, you still want to follow the same principles as mentioned above, but we recommend to aim towards the lower strengths of nicotine that is suggested based on the device you have.

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