When Should You Give Your Pet the CBD Pet Treats?

Many times, pet parents complain that their pet is in distress. Even there are no significantly visible signs for this, the pet parent can figure out instinctively that their pet is not able to chill out. There are multiple reasons for this. Maybe your pet is suffering from arthritis which makes it hard for him to curl up.

CBD treats are increasingly gaining traction among pet parents after their positive results have been documented on the pains of pets. If you want to buy a superior quality CBD, you must consider buying CBD pet treats from JustCBD. It is a leading online store for the top quality CBD products.

Since pet lovers are very much conscious regarding the quality of the products that their pets consume, just CBD puts the quality and safety of the products at the highest pedestal. Their products are tested in third-party independent laboratories. Thus, rest assures, you can be carefree regarding the quality of the products.

Benefits of CBD on dogs

There are many benefits of administering CBD on dogs, and here are a few of them:

1- Anxiety – fireworks, traffic, thunder, new environment, etc. all these factors contribute to the anxiety of your dog. You can spot your dog’s anxiety if it starts to bark continuously or whines for no reason. CBD cookies help your dog to calm down and relax by alleviating all the anxiety.

2- Pain/ inflammation – CBD has elements that reduce inflammation and other sorts of pain which cause any discomfort. If your dog has fractured his leg or has joint pain, it will take him weeks to recover and till then, his mood can be lightened by CBD treats.

3- Eating patterns- dogs often suffer from loss of appetite. Nausea, stress, and anxiety are the main reasons for this. CBD cookies can successfully cure your dog.

How to give CBD to pets?

Normally, the label of the product makes it evident as to how should you give the product to your pet and what should be the appropriate dosage. You must make sure that if you are giving the product to your pet dog, then the product is certified for dogs and if you have a cat, then it is certified for cats.

A few recommendations are as follows:

1- Hemp-based soft chews- one 2g chew as per the 20 pounds body weight.

2- Hemp-based oil- .5 dropper per 25 pounds of the body weight or as prescribed by your vet.

3- High potency pet soft pet chews- 3g chew every 11-12 hours depending on the size and weight of your pet.

Under normal circumstances, these are the best instructions for administering CBD to pets. The proportion of hemp products being averse to or showing side effects on pets is very low. Besides that, none of these side effects have been detected to be of serious nature.


CBD is a boon for your speechless best friends. It is the best way to release them from pain and make them happy as they should be.

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