Hash Rosin 101: Questions Buyers Should Ask

A concentrate that is the result of heat and pressure alone is considered one to be excited for.

Rosin, a desirable extraction technique that doesn’t require solvents to cut through the plant, is considered a prized form of resin by many enthusiasts.

This specially made concentrate can be used to turn a more low-grade hash into a dab as it can be liquefied quite quickly due to it being created with water.

The result of hash rosin comes from cannabis that is professionally pressed in an industrial machine meant to pressurize the plant or can even be achieved at home by simply using a hair straightener.

What is Rosin?

Hash rosin is a very rich, buttery cannabis concentrate that is filled with terpenes and cannabinoids. As mentioned above, it must go through a process of extraction that will squeeze the resin from its source material (cannabis plant) by using intense heat and high pressure.

The result of this decarboxylated concentrate looks something similar to a honey-like, translucent lip balm.

It’s also considered a safer product to consume compared to products such as shatter or oil because of its lack of solvents, meaning that people who use this product don’t have to worry so much about impurities.

Hash such as this is perfect for many as it consists of no contaminants in the extract, and the concentrate naturally undergoes what is similar to a double filtering process.

What sets it apart from the rest?

Some of those new to the game may ask why some long-term buyers prefer rosin and its process compared to other concentrations.

The reason behind this is because although it is the slightest bit more expensive, rosin is known for being a solventless method that can also turn its buttery appearance into a wax form.

Hash rosin also has a rapid cooking process. It lacks the need to be placed inside a vacuum oven to remove any solvents, allowing those who prefer homesteading to make the most money of their trim.

Live resin vs. rosin

Although these two terms are only distinguished by removing or adding a single letter, rosin is considered a more solventless extract. At the same time, live resin, on the other hand, can be referred to as a solvent-based concentration made using freshly frozen or live plant materials.

For the rosin process, the chemical profile of the actual plant is varied, meaning that a more flavorful taste is obtained.

The plant must go through a single-pass extraction; with this technique, the cannabinoids are captured before the plant is dried and cured, meaning it doesn’t capture too much flavoring without adding chemicals.

Finding a dispensary you can trust

Now that you understand the wonderful world that is rosin and how it’s created, it’s good to remember always to review and get a better understanding of what you wish to buy before adding it to your shopping cart.

Choosing reliable online stores such as Salishtrails or certified, government officiated dispensaries near your hometown is the best way to ensure your trip isn’t going to be to the hospital.

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