Hemp Derived CBD V/S Cannabis Derived CBD

Hemp Derived CBD V/S Cannabis Derived CBD

Localized pain and discomfort can be bothersome aspects of the recovery process following surgery. Many doctors are quick to prescribe powerful opioids to combat this, but the risk of dependency is all too real. Without a doubt, getting past the initial pain and into a healing state of body and mind is the priority. But are there any alternative avenues for pain management that don’t involve taking copious amounts of potentially harmful pills, or may minimize your reliance on them?

Hemp-Derived CBD:

CBD’s popularity among health and wellness advocates is impossible to ignore. Hemp products have made their way into almost every grocery and drugstore chain and claim to be effective for a wide variety of ailments, and are advertised prominently across the web and social media. The appeal is understandable, though what many consumers don’t realize is that the active compounds that make cannabis-derived CBD powerful are all but absent in these over the counter, grocery-bought hemp-derived CBD products.

Cannabis-Derived CBD

Cannabis-derived CBD products found at licensed Washington state dispensaries which contain THC. The beneficial compound which enhances the pain-relieving effects of CBD by a great degree. They also have the benefit of total traceability back to the very cannabis plant, giving the consumer the added comfort of transparency. With this in mind, what cannabis-derived CBD products might you consider for post-surgical pain management?

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