6 Types of Hemp Flower Strains

While edibles or tinctures may provide long-lasting relief, the tactile, olfactory experience of a smoking flower has its merits. Lighting up a preroll or loading a bowl into your favorite pipe or bong can be a relaxing, meditative experience.

For those of us who suffer from chronic pain, finding the right strain is crucial. Fortunately, many Washington state cannabis growers are aware of the need for high CBD options and have cultivated specific strains with pain relief in mind. Among these options there is a myriad of differences in cannabinoid and terpene profiles, making the effects (and flavor) of each completely unique. The Novel Tree Medical has formed a strong bond with these growers whose products many have come to rely upon to help manage their aches and pains. At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like smoking good, quality flowers.

Types of Hemp Flower Strains


This 8% CBD Sativa-dominant hybrid has mango-flavored and floral notes when smoked, and imparts energetic, uplifting effects and clear-headedness due to very low THC content. This is very much a medically-focused strain and has been noted for being a “gentle introduction” into the world of medical cannabis.

Sour Tsunami

With an extremely high (13%) CBD content, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is bred specifically for medical cannabis use. High levels of the terpenes Myrcene and Pinene, giving it a sweet and earthy flavor profile, with characteristic sour undertones. Regarded by many to be both uplifting and pain relieving, this dark green hemp flower also contains very little THC.


A hybrid strain containing 6% CBD and 4% THC, the growers at Raven Grass describe this flower in glowing terms: “Reported body restoring, nurturing, spirit-strengthening properties with a warm, earthy flavor profile.” Raven Grass has a commitment to cultivating cannabis using only nutrients and pest management that’s by the National Organic Program’s accepted practices and The Novel Tree Medical’s rigorous, industry-leading standards. It grew just outside Olympia, Washington.

Lake of Fire

Containing over 13% CBD, Lake of Fire is often a choice of people looking to curb muscle stiffness after physical work while avoiding intoxication. If you’ve ever heard the term “diesel” as a way of describing the way a strain tastes or smells, Lake of Fire falls squarely into this category. This refers to the pungent, gas-like aroma that naturally arises in the curing process.


First introduced by Heavenly Buds in 2018, Ottogo has a whopping 33:1 CBD to THC ratio. This extremely rare strain was bred to have body-relaxing, uplifting effects. Flavor notes of pepper, nutmeg, and pine. The typical recreational flower has anywhere from 20% to 30% THC content, this hemp flower has less than 1%!

Lemon Stash

The Indica-dominant hybrid Lemon Stash is cultivated with care by Plantworks’ team of 2 in the heart of Seattle. This strain truly lives up to its name, with sweet citrus notes abounding. A similar CBD: THC ratio to Gilda, this cerebral yet tranquil strain is a relative newcomer to The Novel Tree Medical. The growers describe the strain as a “unique, fluffy and sticky hemp flower” and bred it to assist in alleviating anxiety and stress.

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