What are the benefits of CBD LUBE?

CBD lube is a topical infused CBD designed for sexual pleasure. CBD oil is a tincture designed for sublingual consumption. Lubes are water, oil, or silicone-based; each has its pros and cons. Lubes can be formulated with additional ingredients, like aloe vera or vitamins, to complement CBD’s therapeutic benefits. However, some ingredients may lead to irritation or infections.

CBD lubes aren’t meant to be ingested but are non-toxic when done so. There are many potential benefits to CBD lube, but people mainly use it for pain relief. Many people suffer from pelvic and vaginal discomfort during sex and look to CBD lube for a natural alternative to prescription medications.

CBD lube for anxiety

People have reported that CBD lube has helped lessen the anxiety from performance anxiety, body-image issues, or the anxiety of being with a new partner. Try any of the CBD lubes on our list for anxiety.

CBD lube for sleep

Great sex can lead to a good night’s sleep, and CBD lube has been reported to help with both. Try any CBD lubes on our list for a restful night’s sleep.

CBD lube for pain

Many have turned to CBD lube for its analgesic properties. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence surrounding how CBD lube helps with the pain associated with sex. Try our CBD lube if you suffer from painful sex.

CBD lube with condoms

It all depends on what type of condoms and lube you are using. Lubes that have oil shouldn’t be used with latex condoms. Water based CBD lubes are safe to use with condoms.

CBD lube with sex toys

Again, water based CBD lubes will be fine to use with sex toys. Find out what your CBD lube and sex toys are made of because oil-based lubes can degrade rubber and silicone-based lubes can degrade silicone toys.

Where to buy CBD lube?

We recommend buying CBD lube from a reputable CBD vendor or brands. Infuzion, LLC one of the best CBD stores where you can buy natural and organic CBD Lube. Visit the website for more details.

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