Everything You Need to Know About CBD Extraction Methods

The CBD market is saturated with countless products that vary in quality and price. If you’re thinking about incorporating a CBD supplement into your wellness routine, you might not know where to begin, or what constitutes a high-quality CBD product.

The purity of CBD is determined by the extraction method. For example, if you want to try CBD purehemp oil capsules, how can you be sure you what to look for? In this article, we’ll talk about all CBD extraction methods and highlight the one that delivers the purest CBD.

What Is CBD Exactly?

CBD is undoubtedly trendy these days, and you’ve probably seen everything from oil tinctures to CBD-infused coffee. The idea is to market CBD as a tool that can improve your health and overall well-being.

However, advertising is one thing, the facts are another. CBD is one of many compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It contains less than 0.3% of THC, another cannabis compounds responsible for the psychoactive effects.

There is a lot of ongoing scientific research on CBD, and the results have shown promise when it comes to the potential benefits.

CBD products can help with chronic pain management, anxiety, depression, insomnia, acne, and other issues. CBD is not a substitute for medication, nor should it be used without consultation with a medical professional.

CBD Extraction Methods

CBD oil, or hemp oil, is extracted from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. It should be differentiated from hemp seed oil, which is an entirely different product.

The CBD product you can find online and in stores today comes from various extraction methods. Let’s talk about the most common ways we extract CBD.

Alcohol Extraction

Another name for this type of CBD extraction is ethanol or ethyl alcohol extraction. It’s a very safe way to extract CBD because ethanol is considered safe for human consumption. It doesn’t create a lot of residue or contaminants, so it makes relatively pure CBD.

The main issue with this type of CBD extraction is the length of the process. Another is that you can’t make certain CBD products this way.

Carrier Oil Extraction

The name implies how this method works. In most cases, the carrier is olive oil, but manufacturers also use hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or other oil that has health benefits.

In fact, CBD pure hemp oil capsules often contain hemp seed oil as one of the ingredients. The cannabis plant is heated through the decarboxylation process until the CBD, and other chemical compounds are activated.

Then, it’s added to the carrier oil and heated again for a few hours. The potency level of this type of extraction method is not the best butit is suitable for specific CBD products.

CO2 Extraction

Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a gas that is commonly used in CBD extractions from the hemp plant. This method is incredibly efficient and fast, and it has quickly become the industry standard. CO2 behaves as a solvent when exposed to a specific temperature and pressure.

The good news is that it has zero dangers associated with this process. Manufacturers who want to create CBD with CO2 will need specialised equipment to convert carbon dioxide into liquid form.

Which Extraction Method Is the Best?

All of the CBD extraction methods mentioned above will produce CBD that can be found in many products. Every technique is safe and non-damaging for human consumption.

However, in terms of purity, CO2 extraction is considered the best. There are three types of CO2 extraction: supercritical, subcritical, and mid-critical.

The widely used option is supercritical as it’s the most straightforward process. Although, the subcritical and mid-critical methods are considered gentler and won’t extract larger CBD molecules.

Creating CBD Products With Least Amount of Waste

For most CBD suppliers and manufacturers, CO2 extraction is the most efficient approach to making CBD products. It’s completely safe and produces the least amount of waste.

Plus, it has zero damaging chemicals or compounds. For CBD pure hemp oil capsules, CO2 extraction is suitable but not the only option.

When it comes to capsules and tablets, oil extractions are also a great option. If you’re looking for the purest CBD source and the highest quality CBD capsules, Welll.co offers premium-grade CBD oil packaged in daily doses.

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